"To achieve greatness,

start where you are,

use what you have and

do what you can."

-- Arthur Ashe

Our Game Changers

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Since before the Covid-19 pandemic began, we were on the front-lines fighting health inequities. Now, with Covid claiming African Americans lives at three times the rate of White Americans, our work is more important than ever! Please donate to our institute today so that we can continue to get vital health information to our community partners and continue to train the next generation of healthcare professionals in our Health Science Academy. ​From now until June 30th, BrooklynGives for Covid-19 Relief will provide a $2,500 matching grant to our first $2,500 raised. Our goal is $25,000.

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Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health

Arthur Ashe:

Champion & Humanitarian

Like Arthur, our Institute is about changing the game. Arthur did it on the tennis court, we are doing it in the community. Some of the terms that defined Arthur’s game on the court are also terms that define our work...


Sowing Diversity and Best Practices in

Community Health Empowerment


In Historically Under-served and

Under-represented Communities


Championing Arthur’s Vision for Health Equity and Justice


Community Wellness

Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health's Statement on Social Justice and Racism

Today, we are at a time in our history where human emotion, morality and righteous indignation are fueling a call to action and we need to urgently answer that call for systemic change. Therefore, we at the Arthur Ashe Institute, stand in solidarity with those in our nation and around the world against these heinous acts of racism.

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COVID-19 Updates

Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health (AAIUH) is providing important updates, resources and events related to our national emergency on our website.


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SportsBall 2019

SportsBall 2019, the 25th Annual Black Tie & Sneakers Gala of the Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health (AAIUH) honored

Cheryl Wills, Stan Smith, Sydney Butts, MD, and Guy Vickers.

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“I have tried to keep on with my striving because this is the only hope I have of ever achieving anything worthwhile and lasting.” – Arthur Ashe

our programs

We educate and support the future generation of diverse health professionals and we meet people where they are, both literally and figuratively, in settings such as barbershops, salons, and faith-based settings, connecting people to the information, tools and resources they need to make informed health decisions.



Applications for the Brooklyn Health Disparities Summer Internship are officially open!

The summer program will run July 13-August 6, 2020, Monday-Thursday from 9:45am-2:30pm.


To apply, visit: Brooklyn Health Disparities Summer Internship 2020 Application


Application deadline: Wednesday, June 10, 2020

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