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Since 1994, the Health Science Academy (HSA) STEM pipeline afterschool program has served over 2,700 students including middle school, 9th graders, and our alumni. For the Fall 2021/Spring 2022 academic year, HSA anticipates serving almost 300 students, grades 6-12 and our alumni:  the 3-year Academy (10th-12th grades) will serve approximately 190 scholars from 11 partner high schools; in Spring 2022, HSA expects to serve approximately 60 students for the 9th Grade Bridge, and over 60 students for its middle school reboot with new partner, Walt Whitman Middle School. Since March 2020, because of the Covid19 pandemic, HSA quickly switched to remote instruction, its Academy Distance Learning (ADL) mode, to continue to serve students.

Class of 2025 applicants (currently HS freshmen) to the 3-year Academy, please note that Part 1 of the application is due on Friday, Feb 4, 2022. The mandatory prerequisite, the 9th Grade Bridge program begins Saturday, March 5, 2022.

Please note the following planned changes for the Fall 2022/Spring 2023 academic year:

Since September 2021, our partner SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University (SUNY DS) has a COVID-19 vaccine mandate; therefore, for HSA to resume its in-person programming for its health science pipeline components on-site at SUNY DS, our high school students – as of Fall 2022 all Academy returning students and Spring 2022 applicants for the 9th Grade Bridge (the Class of 2025 entering the Academy in Fall 2022) - must be fully vaccinated by summer 2022 to attend the Fall 2022 Academy sessions at the SUNY DS campus.

Spring 2022

However, because the 9th Grade Bridge Program, the prerequisite for applying to the 3-year Academy, will be remote for Spring 2022, applicants who are not vaccinated may apply, and if accepted, enroll in Spring 2022’s 9th Grade Bridge Program. However, if they are also accepted to the Academy, they will only be allowed to enroll in fall 2022 if they are “fully vaccinated.”



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Fall 2022

We plan to resume some in-person sessions at SUNY DS’ campus for the Academy (grades 10-12) component.

Academy Student eligibility - HSA will only recruit and enroll fully vaccinated students to start (incoming sophomores, the Class of 2025) and continue (students returning as juniors and seniors) the Academy as of Fall 2022. The tentative deadline for having a “fully vaccinated” status (as defined by the SUNY DS at that time) will be June 1, 2022.

Type of Instruction - Most likely the Academy will function as a transitional hybrid model (e.g., animal dissections and medical simulations will be held on-campus, but the mini-modules and clinical modules lectures, and the College/Career Prep workshops, will remain remote for the Fall 2022 semester). During Spring 2023, depending on the status of the COVID-19 pandemic, HSA plans to increase the number of sessions to be held in person at the SUNY Campus.

Learn more about the HSA’s pipeline program HERE.

"One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation." – Arthur Ashe


Dr. Keisha Barry

Nicole McLean, MPH

HSA Class of 2009

Howard School of Medicine Class of 2020

“The Health Science Academy helped me understand the factors that affect health, which have helped me in medical school, but it also made me identify and improve my study habits, taught me how ask for help and to collaborate.”

Marco Diaz, MS

HSA Class of 2008

Sportsball 2017 USTA 1968 Scholarship Recipient

"I am so grateful I had this opportunity...If I had one piece of advice for current HSA students it would be to really take your studies seriously and take advantage of all the help that is offered.”

HSA Class of 2009

SUNY Downstate University Med School Class of 2017

“The important thing about the Health Science Academy,” says Barry, “is that through being at Downstate you get to see a range of professionals working in healthcare and come to understand that there are many ways to serve.”